Shared Sportfishing Charter

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shared sportfishing charter

The shared trip is a great way to get out and fish if you are alone or there's only you a few of you and you don't want to pay for the whole boat.Shared trips have a four passenger minimum and a six passenger maximum.

We recommend booking in advance and giving us as many available days as possible to work with as we set you up with other guests.
But if you don't book ahead give us a call and we will do our best to get you out on a shared trip!

4 Hours

Shared Fishing Charter


  • Great for those that don't have a lot of time to spend fishing

6 Hours

Shared Fishing Charter


  • For those with a little more time but are unable to commit to a full day

8 Hours

Shared Fishing Charter


  • Gives time to check more areas
    or spend more time in a
    productive area

OUr Policies

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additional pricing information

all prices are before 4.7% Hawaii State GE tax and do not include customary gratuity (20% is average) for your crew.


10% off to all repeat customers, active military, and Kama'aina.

Multiple boat charters

If you have a group with more than six ask about our multiple boat charters. We will arrange the appropriate number of boats to get you out fishing!

cancellation policy

All shared and private charters are subject to our 48 hour cancellation policy. Charters canceled within 48 hours of their scheduled start time will be charged 50% of the charter rate plus tax. Charters that "no show" will be charged 100% of the rate plus tax.

Multi Boat cancellation policy is 10 days from the date of the trip. Multi boat charters canceled within 48 hours of their scheduled start time will be charged 50% of the charter rate plus tax. Charters that "no show" will be charged 100% of the rate plus tax.

weather policy

We want everyone to have sunny skies and calm water but it's the ocean and that's behind our control. Our captains are experienced and will make the right call when it comes to weather. If you're concerned, give us a call and we will help you to prepare for the current conditions.

motion sickness

Motion sickness or being sea sick is caused by our equilibrium. Some people get sick from the slightest rocking while others don't get sick at all. If you're not sure it's a good idea to invest in some insurance to make sure you're feeling up to par on your fishing trip. There are prescription and over the counter drugs available. In our experience prescription Scopolamine is the best motion sickness prevention. If you can't get a prescription we recommend over the counter Bonine. Most of these medications work better if you begin taking them the day before your trip.

fish policy

We want all of our guests to have the opportunity to eat some of their catch while here on island. If you're interested in taking fish, the captain will select which fish to fillet. Most fish are cut on the boat. Larger fish are often cut later to allow proper cooling time. Private charters are welcome to up to 15lbs of fillet and our shared guests are welcome to up to 3lbs per person. If you need more fish you can discuss that with your Captain.

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